Iron Man's Repulsors

How would you build iron mans repulsors? I have some already...
    You could use a transducer for particle displacement, you might be able to send an ion beam through a "tunnel" of a heavier particle, since it can't travel fast in air. I need ideas! Thanks, Laserbeamtoast.

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madpl2 years ago

you could be able to build it without so expensive technology using concentred ultrasounds.

or a fire hose....

lakshD2 years ago

umm, you could heat ions and direct them out using a magnetic nozzel, its exactly like VASIMR, but they are using it to thrust the rocket, which is the main problem if u need a beam then you dont want it to shoot to you back too, that would quite literally be backfiring lol...

and to might want to have to beams becuz the magnetic nozzel produces torque and so you can have 2 beams having opposite magnetic dipoles so they would cancel each other's torque...

source: smartty pants :)

Laserbeamtoast (author) 4 years ago
How would you make a neutron/proton source to accelerate them?
MrE4 years ago
Ok, first of all the idea of an Iron man thruster is great and all, but. The movie reality is far from the truth. While real thrusters using energy do exist they are problematic at best. First and foremost is the power consumption. which if you watch the first Iron man movie is what was addressed. The missile which ran the first generation thrusters that Tony Stark built had the repulsors that he later used, which were his own invention. But they were short lived due to the amount of energy required. When Tony was in the cave he had access to said missiles and used them for the mark one. Now back to the science. If you had an awful lot of energy you could in theory make a thruster / repulsor . Einstien's theory of relativity ddoes allow for direct energy to mass conversion but as of yet we do not have the direct capability of energy to matter transformation on such a direct level.
What this means is that we have to a consumable. This is where movie and reality split ways. iron Man's repulsors use no consumables except energy. in real life as you pointed out we can use a heavy particle. such particle would be best as a liquid that could be ionized to a gas through electrical induction. A great substance to use for this is Mercury. since it is a liquid metal at room temp it can be vaporized and then repulsed by an electromagnetic field. But then you have to have a storage chamber and then you have to figure mass and weight ratios for amount of fuel consumed, which to be honest the math escapes me. although i am sure someone will have the formula's for said ratios. In long terms this is not impossible but just very difficult and highly improbable. I am going to end this long winded diatribe here because I believe whatever I missed here. all I was wanting to do is give a primer as to why it is so hard but not impossible to make said repulsor. Keep the faith on making one though because your strife may make it possible one day.
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-IronMan-4 years ago
Yeah i did !! :-D
-IronMan-4 years ago
Hey I'm an all IronMan fan building a pepakura suit currently and trying to figure out science behind him....
Honestly I'm more into the flying part but would -if the flying turns out to be a bit tricky to make(which I'm trying to archive even if it is a little bulk through the form of a Williams gas turbine backpack(jetpack))- love to try and make the repulsors ....there is an awesome guy on here named ØÑŸX and has a whole goggle drive full of iron man theories check him out he's very helpful !!!
Plse check out my other threads and any help is appreciated !!!

Laserbeamtoast (author)  -IronMan-4 years ago
Hey, check out my thread
Laserbeamtoast (author) 4 years ago
And -IronMan- could you send me the google drive at
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