Why oh why does this always happen?! He turns up, shows us his amazing guns, and leaves. Or maybe he went away for a while. Either way, it's not fair! Lol, I needed a little rant. Now I need some milk...

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hes off line and not posting things because of celloman i think thats still going between the two of them
What was that about?
celloman was threating and critisizing all of his guns he wanted to wait until he stoped or got kicked of the website
Ahh.. yes. Now that you say that, I can vaguely remember some of those arguments.
what kind of stuff was he saying? and i dont care what anyone says i think hes a true knexpert and if you want to see his stuff go to knexinnovation
I know about KI. I cant remember what he was saying exactly.
knexguy (author)  silentassasin219 years ago
Ok then.