Is Google custom search here to stay?

Is Google custom search is here to stay? I liked the graphical search better. Google search has way to many ads, no pictures next to the search results, and no way to sort results. Also, I am seeing a problem with member searches where some members show up and some members don't. I can search Kcls (me) and it will come up, but if I search poppi, his one comment comes up, but not his member page. Is there going to be a way to set graphical search that as a default? Maybe make it a pro only feature?


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kcls (author) 7 years ago
I was just looking, and saw that it is only 100 USD in order to get no ads on the search pages! Who is willing to send the 100 dollars to instructables to get no ads?
if it ain't broke...don't fix it.
Well, there are ways in which the old home-brew search was broken.  It could never reliably find individual users (one reason they took that out), the search results often missed things, and so on.  Many of us had suggested the use of Google search as a replacement (and used the "" option on Google itself).

It's interesting to see the backlash, now.  I agree with the comments that having the images associated with each search result are important (especially on a site like I'bles), but that seems to be difficult to do with the Google API.  I am also frustrated by the lack of sorting or grouping of the Google results.
Man, I think I'm the only one who likes the new google search
Maybe not, but it appears a bit one sided.
Yeah - still, you get a lot more from the search (i.e. members, comments) then you do with the Graphical.
For many of us, the graphics sparked our interest and invited us to take a look.  Straight text takes all the anticipation and intrigue and plain fun out of Instructables, and sadly, I have started to look elsewhere to meet my needs.
Oh no! You can't leave!
Awww thanks, I'll come visit you instead-lol.  I'm sure Australia is very nice this time of year ;0) ;0) {{{{Lyn}}}}
Around these parts (Canberra) it's the best time of year in my opinion!
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