Is Instructables about to explode? Discuss

Ok, now, here is what i see

  • massive sponsors
  • ibles projects on practically every blog, daily
  • Mahusive amount of media coverage on tv, radio, and the nets
  • Great potential

Now, i know were pretty big atm, but, as you all know, ive been to the future.

Its going to happen, and its going to happen soon.
Instructables will explode. Its gonna be big, and us, the faithful few, are slap bang in the center.

Let me know what you think, and how we will survive what i am coming to call,

The Ibleoclypse

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Plasmana9 years ago
Okay, I am now seeing the big problem... And I am having a problem for my self too, with so many more people now knowing hacks and everything it is harder to find good bargains and stuff.. Last year, I had found a lot of great stuff in skips, mainly electronics, but this year, there is hardly anything in the skips...
gmjhowe (author)  Plasmana9 years ago
Don't forget about the economy... more people throwing less out, and more people looking for scrap etc. I made Ibleoclypse up..
BTW, umm, I never heard of Ibleoclypse, what is it? (I feel kind of stupid now...)
I swear though, No one in washington has even had the slightest idea of instructables
That is weird...
Derin9 years ago
It's coming together...where they asked us to tell Robot's story,somebody mentioned Ibles coming down...It all makes sense now...
Derin Derin9 years ago
It was coolz who said it...200 years later,instructables closes down...
DJ Radio Derin9 years ago
200 years after ibles closes down. it does not close down until 1000000000 years after 2008.
And then they sell Instructibles to iVillage and I have to go find a new place to hang.
gmjhowe (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
No chance, if that happens, i say we bomb hq?
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