Is Wikipidea a Bad Source To Use at School

Im a high schooler and my library teacher gave me a disiplinary referal for using wikipidea as a source for a research project, and for refusing to never use wikipidea in school. He gave me a one hour speach on how anyone can edit wikipidea and its all based on the personal belifs of people. So i guess my question is should you use wikipidea for fact's.

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wikipedia is awesome and anyone who thinks otherwise is blasphemous. however, if using wikipedia info for a school report, don't source from wikipedia, instead source from wikipedia's sources. if the article is badly sourced, look elsewhere.
Keith-Kid10 years ago
I'm gonna tell you a funny story. I believe like two or three years, we had to find some info on a topic ( I won't say which topic) Obviously everyone went for the easy method of using wikipedia. One of the students, whom we call chelo, cut all the info and wrote- "Chelo Beat You All !!!" A few hours later, he Pasted everything back though, but he made most of the students have to search somewhere else.
bdcoco10 years ago
I think wikipedia is a good source, it's only bad if you use wikipedia as your only source. Anybody can edit it, true. But people from wikipedia do their research before editing. If there isn't a discusion topic before editing the page or its proven wrong its changed back.
rollingstoner357 (author)  bdcoco10 years ago
But it wasn't my only source the requirements were 10 sources and I went above and beyond that
The good thing is that wikipedia lists it's sources, so you can just use those for the same info.
Rusko10 years ago
its all based on the personal belifs of people.

You know, all knowledge in any form, whether it's written, printed, or spoken, can be considered the personal beli(e)fs of people.

The great thing about Wikipedia, is that it IS peer reviewed. Constantly, and always updated with current revelations as we learn about a topic.

I think librarians are just afraid of being put out of business.
rollingstoner357 (author)  Rusko10 years ago
I agree 100%
mikeasaurus10 years ago
Just like everything else in life, don't take one source as your only reference. I like Wikipedia and I use it regularly, however I also corroborate their information with some other sources before I write or comment too much on anything. Having information is like a diet. How smart do you think you'll be if all you ate was just one thing?
rollingstoner357 (author)  mikeasaurus10 years ago
I used more than ten sources (as we were instructed to)
creekwalker10 years ago
No, it is not a validated scholarly source and should not be used as a reference source. Primarily you must bear in mind wikipedia information is subject to corruption by outside sources and as such may be inaccurate. Now with that out of the way I will say it is an excellent research tool to guide you towards material that you can use as scholarly references. I cannot tell you how many research papers’s I have done using wikipedia to guide me through the initial sorting process. By this process I save time, find more source material and create a better paper. This worked well for me in a college degree completion program, helps me in my work place and also helps with graduate school. creekwalker
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