Is anyone else disturbed from Replay?

I always get so upset when I listen to Replay by Iyaz. I mean he has bad grammar, " Hoping you would give me a chance, who would of ever KNEW that we would ever be more than friends."

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LoneWolf7 years ago
I hope that doesn't disturb you too much, cause' a LOT of songs have bad grammer in them... it isn't anything unusual.
happyjo (author)  LoneWolf7 years ago
No not that much. I probably should have used the word annoyed rather than disturbed.
ll.137 years ago
Are you talking about a song?
happyjo (author)  ll.137 years ago
Yes I am talking about a song. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
NachoMahma7 years ago
. Just do as I do and it won't bother you - don't listen to it.
Dunno, but I think I can fix his Fn broke delinquent ipod.
Are you that lady in the back at the other table?
. I'm no lady. I am your Father.
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