Is anyone else homeschooled?

I am a homeschooler, and i was wondering if anyone else on this site is homeschooled, too. (open disscusion of homeschooling is welcomed)

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Kiteman9 years ago
My cousin was home-schooled, after a year of normal school.

Apparently, he didn't like being expected to learn when he wasn't in the mood.

His parents decided to let him learn at his own pace, with a lot of involvement from the local Education Otherwise people. He had some sort-of-classes with other kids who were also home-schooled. The idea was to pool parental expertise.

As a result, he became good at reading, reasonably creative in writing, but totally unemployable. He knows a little trumpet, a little violin, a little Inuit, a little trigonometry, a little psychology, a little history.

He doesn't know how to talk to people in normal social settings.

He has no attention span.

He responds poorly to discipline.

He takes criticism badly.

He sulks.

He has been out of contact with the rest of the family for the last 10+ years because he lacks the social awareness necessary to tell people where you are.

You might have worked out, I am against home-schooling in general, though there are exceptional circumstances where it is necessary (such as isolation), but even then, external help is necessary (I'm thinking, children in the Australian outback who have a couple of lessons a week by shortwave radio).

I did some research on approaches to dealing with gifted children as part of my teaching certificate. It turns out they benefit most from the "enrichment" approach - they spend most of their time in normal lessons, but occasionally get removed from normal lessons to undertake some extra-curricular tasks to stretch them.

We have a minor tradition in the UK of gifted mathematicians being spotted early in school, and being home-schooled to the point where they are capable of entering university at 11. They inevitably burn out / break down very young, because they have been deprived of the normal social-learning associated with normal school. They can't deal with normal people in normal ways.

What real life skills have you learned from public school?

Just that - life skills. How to deal with people. Make friends. Make enemies. Defeat enemies. Manners. Coping with those situations in life you just can't squeeze out of. How to get on with tasks when you're not in the mood.

You know, life skills.
Mirime Kiteman7 years ago
Hey not all of the homeschoolers are like that! I am homeschooled but I also am in a pretty nice group called 4-H. there I get to "socialize" with other youth my age and younger, I also work at two farmer's markets and have met many good people there that share some of the same ideas and princles that I value. I was taught many of the life skills that I will need . And once Igraduate from High School I will be going to collage paid for with the money I have earned through 4-H and at the farmers market
yourcat Kiteman9 years ago
But that won't be the case with all of us. Each one is different.


As a homeschooler, I both disagree and agree. The only part of my social life that I could declare that has truly suffered is, well, my sex life (obviously I don't get as many chances in a day to get layed as your average public schooled horny teenager *sigh*).
I feel that I am more intelligent than the average person my age, my social skills I feel are very strong, and I get lots of socialization at my various groups I participate in (library for the most part). However not all forms of socialization that I have are open to other homeschoolers, far to many of the homeschoolers I know are God-fearing, I-shan't-ever-socialize-with-the-heathens-out-there, I-shall-never-get-on-the-computer-or-meet-people-who-aren't-exactly-like-me, crazies. I find it really sad, as it does fit the stereotype. On another note, "rural" homescoolers fit the previous steryotyoe, wheres "urban" homeschoolers (such as myself) usually have a social life on par with public schooled children. Another note: Our public schools here are mostly crap, if we had teachers nearly as interesting as yourself, I'd be most willing to go to school. But on the whole I would describe the school system around me as a day-care center with million dollar football and athletic programs. I personally hate most of the public school teachers I know, I find them to be pushy, nosy, smart-asses in need of a life. I also hate most of the students they turn out. Most seem to be lazy and shiftless, with very little grip on life.

So in short, if your parent's aren't nutters, and you've got a high-speed internet conection, then your good : )

But if you live in a country were the school system is well maintained, and you have teachers who are in fact trying to teach something to their students (and not get into their pants), then by all means go with that.

Yes I might not get a lot of PDA's, but I feel I will be more successful in life then the average person churned out in the nutter factory but a few blocks away.

rocketscientist... sex life... lol
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