Is electroadhesion possible to achieve as a diy project?

I want to build a robot that can climb walls. It needs to move quietly because I want to use it for surveillance. I need to figure out how I will get it to stick to a smooth wall. I don't wanna use suctions cups cause I think they would be too noisy.

Would eletroadhesion(see link below) be possible for me to do as a diy project? If you have any other ideas for how I can get my robot to stick to a wall, that would be awesome.

secreteagle6 years ago
Also interested, saw the inventors years ago about an industrial application hoping to meet them again in the next couple of weeks

some other links

about electroadhesion: how to get static electricity from a battery?

good read: Electroadhesive microgrippers
shows a typical electroadhesive robot gripper and its equivalent electrical circuit