Is it Illegal?

Here's a forum where you can ask if something is illegal and hope to get answers... My question: I have a electronic version (I got it for free) of the book "Nikola Tesla Colorado Springs Notes" I want to print it because it's a pretty data intensive book and I don't want to go blind from reading it from my computer. So would it be illegal for me to print this for my own personal use (not selling, giving away, etc...) Part 2 of that question. If I were to take it to a place such as Pro Copy (a print shop) would they turn me down? It was copyrighted in 1978... I have to take it to a print shop cause I don't want to murder my printer with 431 pages of text

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snowfreak8 years ago
ooh could you send me that book too im not part of a group just interested in tesla coils thanks
purduecer8 years ago
Odds are the print shop will turn you down. Some print shops don't allow you to copy/print more than 10 pages from a given book, just so they stay out of legal gray areas. If you don't want to murder your printer....take it to a friend's house, and murder their printer instead ;-)
Kryptonite8 years ago
I have a question; is it illegal to have an airsoft rifle in Australia? Secondly; what are the laws about hunting with a blow gun in Australia?
Flumpkins9 years ago
Is scanning a dollar bill illegal?
no, i don't think so, but printing one and trying to pass it for the real McCoy or distributing it to others for that purpose can land you in federal prison
heh, my brother did that once because he heard that some printers will write VOID all over it and he wanted to see it. when it didn't work, he was like, I'm holding a federal offense in my hand.... so he ripped it into tiny peices, threw them in different trash cans, ate some, flushed some down the toilet.....
as long as you dont give it out ubder the pretext that its genuin its legal. only if you call it real money ir use it like real money will it be confiscated and you guilty of forging money.
I was watching the show about the DEA and they caught someone with a certain dollar amount (don't remember the amount) and said something to the affect of, "if it is under a certain amount that there is nothing they could do about it."
i don't know about now, but i tried to scan a Canadian 50 and my scanner told me "cant allow you to save", or something like that. i got a Lexmark x3470
I've working in a print shop and our new digital press would send a copy of the bill to Zerox if you scanned it. Then on each copy you print it would put a very small serial number on the image that could be traced back to the machine. You have to be very weary about the things you do these days. If you where to attempt this again I would suggest an older scanner!
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