Is it already snowing in your town?

So I was wondering if it had already snowed in your town and if so how much?

I live in Belgium, Limburg, Bilzen and our whole country is getting huge snowfall like I have only seen once in my short 20 year life. At home we have about 10 cm of snow lying and more is still falling out of the sky...

Heathrow in the UK has apperantly shut down and many UK people are stuck in our airports (Zaventem, etc) now and problems with transportation are rising in my country and neighbouring ones.

So how's the situation with you guys?

Enclosed a picture of my backyard at around 2 in the afternoon.

Picture of Is it already snowing in your town?
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DJ Radio7 years ago
There's little to no chance of it snowing here in the south. It did snow where I live back in February but the snow only lasted until noon.
Goodhart7 years ago
We got a dusting last week, but nothing this week.....tis very windy and cold though (south central Pennsylvania)
MichelMoermans (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
Damn here in Belgium it's the worst week yet. I'm just back from my dorm and my dad and mom drove me home since public transportation is very unreliable right now. The trip took three times as long and we couldn't stop because the car would not be able to drive any further if it stopped... I'll post a pic tomorrow for comparrison.
It is rare for us to see even a dusting this early in the year though. Normally by February we get some.
MichelMoermans (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
It's rare for us to see snow at all, and when it does it's usually gone ater an afternoon or a day... There hasn't been snow like this for 26 years yesterdays newspaper said and it never stayed so long in forever! Global warming is bad but this is one of the nice side effects =D
lemonie7 years ago

It already did. Not much for a week but it's 'kin-freezing.

I think you mean Fn freezing :-)

The sky is clear, I see a full moon. There's no wind or precipitation, it's 19:00, would you guess how-cold it is outside my door? (I've left a thermometer outside)

You're in the UK, right? I'd guess somewhere around 0 to -5 C, perhaps lower.

It was -8oC, 19:37 and it's -9oC. Which is cold for me, -10 advised as minimum.

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