Is it already snowing in your town?

So I was wondering if it had already snowed in your town and if so how much?

I live in Belgium, Limburg, Bilzen and our whole country is getting huge snowfall like I have only seen once in my short 20 year life. At home we have about 10 cm of snow lying and more is still falling out of the sky...

Heathrow in the UK has apperantly shut down and many UK people are stuck in our airports (Zaventem, etc) now and problems with transportation are rising in my country and neighbouring ones.

So how's the situation with you guys?

Enclosed a picture of my backyard at around 2 in the afternoon.

Picture of Is it already snowing in your town?
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DJ Radio5 years ago
There's little to no chance of it snowing here in the south. It did snow where I live back in February but the snow only lasted until noon.
Goodhart5 years ago
We got a dusting last week, but nothing this week.....tis very windy and cold though (south central Pennsylvania)
MichelMoermans (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Damn here in Belgium it's the worst week yet. I'm just back from my dorm and my dad and mom drove me home since public transportation is very unreliable right now. The trip took three times as long and we couldn't stop because the car would not be able to drive any further if it stopped... I'll post a pic tomorrow for comparrison.
It is rare for us to see even a dusting this early in the year though. Normally by February we get some.
MichelMoermans (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
It's rare for us to see snow at all, and when it does it's usually gone ater an afternoon or a day... There hasn't been snow like this for 26 years yesterdays newspaper said and it never stayed so long in forever! Global warming is bad but this is one of the nice side effects =D
lemonie5 years ago

It already did. Not much for a week but it's 'kin-freezing.

I think you mean Fn freezing :-)

The sky is clear, I see a full moon. There's no wind or precipitation, it's 19:00, would you guess how-cold it is outside my door? (I've left a thermometer outside)

You're in the UK, right? I'd guess somewhere around 0 to -5 C, perhaps lower.

It was -8oC, 19:37 and it's -9oC. Which is cold for me, -10 advised as minimum.

Ouch! Yeah, wintertime clear weather is weird for those of us from California. It's supposed to be warm when it's clear!

It's 8oC inside (I'm a tightarse with energy...)

jeff-o lemonie5 years ago
Cripes! I get cold inside when it's 16 C. Then again, I've never been a fan of the cold...
lemonie jeff-o5 years ago

I lived in Newcastle for years - you harden to it...


What's that in normal temperature?

That *is* normal temperature.

In old money, it's about 14F.

Shadowman395 years ago
here in Tennessee it snowed not even half an inch, but we still got out of school for a day. Hopefully we'll get more snow, because I love snow!
must be east TN....they close the schools for "cold" around here....doesn't even have to have a chance of snow, just has to be cold enough.
Yea, I heard they closed schools when it was 29F. To me, that is highly amusing (I walk around barefoot outside when its that cold and I don't mind much).
holy **** how tough are your feet lol
I don't do that a whole lot.
Actually, I'm in Middle TN. We got out of school from it being 2 degrees (Fahrenheit) once.
jeff-o5 years ago
Oh yeah, BIG TIME. I've got nearly a foot of accumulation where I live, but areas just 80 miles away have over four feet!
omg! 4ft? 1.2m? thats only a foot smaller than me!
That's what she said!

*cough* I mean, uh, that's what they said when they saw all that snow. Yes....
gmoon5 years ago
We've had close to three feet in Dec., including 20+ inches in one three-day storm last week.

The cornice in the picture is outside my front door.

Ho hum. Another winter in the snow belt...
shieldsam gmoon5 years ago
lol. *walks along* *humming* flump!! aaaaaaaargh!
shieldsam5 years ago
i live in halesowen, in england, we had about a foot of snow and its still snowing! look at the size of the icicle we found!
MichelMoermans (author)  shieldsam5 years ago
Damn that's a big one! Don't want that dropping on my head :D
BrittLiv5 years ago
In normally live in Southern Germany, currently I'm at my parents place in Northern Germany. Here most of the snow has already melted (it's supposed to snow tomorrow though). I just took I picture out of my window, as you can see there is ice on the lake, but you can't walk on it.
We had 2-3 inches recently, it closed school and made it a bit of a challenge to drive in on the main road (normally I never have any problems with driving in inclement weather, being a native resident of Michigan)
Kiteman5 years ago
We (East Anglia, UK) had a few inches very quickly on Thursday night - I was driving through blizzard conditions, it took nearly an hour to do a 20-minute drive.

It's been cold enough to keep it in place since then.

Our water-butt has frozen solid top-to bottom, and I think our pond fish are dead...

> I think our pond fish are dead
.  Unless the pond is frozen solid, the fish have a good chance of surviving.
The pond level has also dropped sharply - I think the plastic liner may have finally perished.

That sucks.
. :(
gmjhowe Kiteman5 years ago
Pffft, we had near 18 inchs a few weeks back.
Kiteman gmjhowe5 years ago
How deep was it if you stood the ruler up?


We're heading to Cumbria for Christmas - watching the forecast, we plan to go on Wednesday, between weather events.

gmjhowe Kiteman5 years ago
Sounds like a plan, roads seem to be managing ok, Hannah got back from spain on saturday, thankfully her flight was to East Midlands Airport, which was one of the few still open!
I'm in Central Florida, still holding out for snow.
In nothern Ireland there has been heaps of snow, it's been on and off for a week or two now...

Two nights ago we had a semi blizzard just as the snow cleared from the first round, in half an hour the buses and taxis had quit, I was up filming a gig, got a lift home and found my family trooping back from town with a bunch of random people they acquired along the way...
CrayfishYAY5 years ago
1: HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! 2: I live in Morris, AL. It hardly snows at all. We recently had snow flurries but it didn't stick b/c the ground wasn't cold enough. ME WANTS SNOW!!!!!