Is it an Ad or a whole page?!?

To me, this ad seems absolutely intrusive. I'm not too sure if bigger is better in this case....

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kelseymh7 years ago
A better question might be why you (and I) are seeing it at all...
I see this quite often, and had the same thought - this is a ridiculous ad, the type I fully expect my membership to pay for me NOT to see.
I see it as well. It links to the site of the author that made the snail art car selling fire pits. At least that's what it linked to when I saw it a few times. It may change around.
Oh good it's not just me! The 'ibles ads are totally fine, but an ad on this size is just ridiculous!
Why don't any of you have adblock installed?
1. We shouldn't need it, since one of the benefits of "pro" is that we shouldn't see things like this. 2. I do, and I still see it.
oh i see lol, im not pro and havent seen it :P thats wierd
I've got an ad blocker, but when I wasn't "pro" I unblocked Instructable's ads because they provide them some income.
they supply income if you click them or not, its not google adsense. Instructables is paid a certain amount of money based on there popularity to display a certain size add on a certain area of there site. I mean if all of a sudden everyone in the world used adblock then maybe we might have to fear but as long as there are computer illeterates website adds will be lucrative
You have sound argument, and I will not try to convince you otherwise.
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