Is it illegal to share broadband internet in the US?

I was wondering if it was illegal to share broadband internet with your neighbors? This could be wired or wireless. With neighbors you know or dont know.

Please, if you can, site some legal documents.

Thank you,

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Ds HaKa5 years ago
I know I'm breaking the rule of forums but you are stealing bandwidth. Also let's say they have a data cap. You are stealing some of the potential browsing they paid for. Either way, I really don't care. The signal's unlocked, so I'm going to use it.
Kiteman10 years ago
If you use a wireless connection without permission, technically it's theft. Precedent in the UK:

"The man arrested at the weekend was cautioned for dishonestly obtaining electronic communications services with intent to avoid payment"
not if its free, if its free they are just giving it away, as in you can have it kind of like starbucks, they give free WiFi
Following what Kiteman said then, if it is free, you have "permission" to use it. :-)
Yes, if it's a public "wifi hotspot", then they are there to be used by anybody that can.

If, however, you are able to pick up a private individual's wifi, and they have neglected to switch on the "key", you are committing an offence (in the UK) if you use it without their permission (see my link, posted June 8th above)
in the US if they didnt put a password then its not an offence
That's like saying "He didn't lock the front door, so it's not burglary."
. If the SSID is being broadcast and WEP/WPA/whatever is not turned on, then, in my book, that is an open invitation. More like opening the front door and posting a sign saying "Free pizza inside. Come on in." My front door doesn't radiate into the neighbors' yards and houses. . I use my neighbor's WiFi when testing laptops, &c. I tried to get him to let me turn off SSID broadcast and turn on security, but he didn't want to - go figure. While I have his permission to use his WiFi for testing, it is technically a violation of the contract with his ISP.
So if the front door is unlocked and you are putting dinner on, anyone who walks/drives by can stop in for free food? Your neighbor probably doesn't want to deal with the security on his computer.
. If I put a welcome sign up (broadcast my SSID), they can. . I'm not saying it's a good thing to use someone else's WiFi without permission, just that if one is going to bombard me with radio waves, I have a right to use those waves as I see fit. If you don't want me using your WiFi, it's up to you to block me. At the very least, don't advertise the fact that you are there and NEVER turn off password/encryption. Even a noobie can handle those tasks. An intermediate user can setup MAC filtering without problems. &c, &c, &c. . > Your neighbor probably doesn't want to deal with the security on his computer. . I think it's more that, in spite of me trying to explain it to him, he just doesn't understand: 1) he's leaving his network wide open and 2) fixing the problem would be transparent to him.
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