Is it illegal to use bicycle trailers?

Right, so I want to build a bicycle trailer that will carry a kayak and also is used for something else, but that's for an iBle, and not the point. As we all know, bicycles are considered vehicles in all 50 states. But, trailers that are pulled by motor vehicles have to have registration and tags. Is it so with bicycles? I don't want to break any laws, so if anyone has an answer, I'd appreciate it!

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nehmo21 days ago

I could look it up (if a bike trailer requires registration or something), but my jurisdiction is different from yours. Nowadays, most legal questions can be answered by searching the internet. Granted, you often won't discover the actual practices in a given jurisdiction, but you usually can find the written law.

Here in Kansas City, Kansas, the police won't bother you for a bike trailer. I've never used one, but I'm sufficiently familiar with the cops to estimate their response.

However, in Johnson County, Kansas (basically, the metros in southwest Kansas City metro), if you tried to pull a canoe on Medcalf Avenue, the police probably will stop you, run you name, see if they can cite you for something, and usually let you go. But in Jo Co, they harass any bike on a main drag.

Please NO mandatory bicycle-helmet laws in this country(US)!!! I don't see how those awful, dorky, shallow bowls can even begin to save one in a crash!
BTW, I did build a bike trailer several years ago out of re-purposed parts. Its a pretty cool design with springed suspension! Hooks up to left rear fork(like most commercially-made ones do). I want to someday  improve it with better springs, working taillights, and side racks to keep stuff on board. Unfortunately,  it is sitting neglected with no time to work on it!

Amen, bro! You don't need a pedal bike helmet, because, come on, you can hardly top 20!

If you're so confident, I have a challenge for you - cycle towards a tree as fast as you like. As you pass the tree, lean over so that your head clips the trunk...

I have helped cyclists measure their speed by pacing them in my car - they easily did 30-35mph.

My father came off his bike off-road. He needed surgery to fix his arm and back, but his head was fine - his helmet was destroyed.

And how fast do you think the other road users are going?

I know a guy, who, as a pedestrian, was clipped by the wing mirror of a truck doing about twenty; it shattered his shoulder. Imagine if it had been his head?

Simple fact - properly-worn bike helmets save lives.

Maybe so, I live in Australia. Blanket helmet laws on any road. Lives are saved, but the reduction of costly injuries seems to be the motive. No helmet, contributory negligence. No helmet, no insurance. Scope exists for areas free of motor vehicles to be exempt, but it does not happen ? Trailers for surfboards are common in coastal areas.

"Scope exists for areas free of motor vehicles to be exempt, but it does not happen ?"

I refer you to the mention of my father, and, more recently, my son was saved from serious injury in a crash on a forest track by his helmet.

I see your point. I just never wear one because I only ride on a track.(strangely, well padded ones) I see how your friend was hit by a truck. That's why I stay off the roads on my bike.

I meant laws won't fix that. There will still be some idiot who doesn't wear a helmet, and laws don't fix idiocy.(about the hardly top 20 thing, i really can't. i'm just a 6th grader.)

Just get a skaeboarder's helmet. Much better looking, and equal protection.
Try this:
Documentary on the BBC last week - the coroner's office investigating the aftermath of a collision between a cyclist and a pedestrian.

Both were knocked out by the collision, but the cyclist recovered after minor treatment, whereas the pedestrian died of his injuries 4 days later.

(The crash was caught on CCTV, and the cyclist was deemed not to have been at fault.)
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