Is it just me or what?

Is it just med that has problem posting comment? all i get is view the "all steps" function when i try and reply or post a brand new comment. //EDIT// This is the only way i can talk to ppl here now for some reason i cant post any new comment anywhere

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sam10 years ago
Well, the site seems to work again.. touch wood. I think the additions were well worth it- not only does the number of comments show up properly now, there is a rating and Views too! Thats really awesome!
Honus sam10 years ago
Got all my problems fixed! I'm good to go... Thanks!!
sam10 years ago
I'm having some issues too. Try clearing your cache, it fixed some things for me. I still can't log in using firefox for some reason.. so try another browser to see where the problem might lie. Safari seems to be working well for me..
Honus sam10 years ago
Nope- I've tried different browsers (Safari, Firefox, Camino, Explorer) clearing cache,even different computers etc. All I get is this message: ERROR 500: Could not execute JDBC batch update It simply won't let me delete anything.
ewilhelm Honus10 years ago
Have you been able to submit a bug with full details? We've been having some javascript library issues that seem to be fixed by clearing your cache and doing a hard refresh (shift + reload). When you have a problem, please submit a bug. We do look at the bug section, and even use it to track the bugs we find.
Brother_Bear (author)  ewilhelm10 years ago
Sorry I just thought the problem was at my end. Il use the bug report next time
Honus ewilhelm10 years ago
Thanks! I'll try your suggestions- I'll definitely submit a detailed bug when I have problems in the future. I guess it's kind of hard for you guys to know what's wrong if we don't tell you. :P
Brother_Bear (author)  sam10 years ago
Hey that did the trick. Thanks man!
Honus10 years ago
I'm also having some problems editing my posted instructables. I can't delete anything (photos, steps or the entire thing) for some reason.
assasin10 years ago
there are a lot of glitches 4 sum reason. like wen i post a comment it takes me back to my home page sometimes