Is it just me?

Is it just me or has ibles had an update-type of thing?

All of the 'Related instructables' at the side of ther page have gotten much bigger...

Just fedlt likw askung..

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Nope I see it too.
ll.137 years ago
 It's been updated since I was last online.
that's something :) 
Just fedlt likw askung..
Just felt like asking, you mean?

I'm not sure. Maybe. Perhaps it's for the hard a seeing community?
Doctor What7 years ago
It's just you.  You're hallucinating.  Instructables never updates it site, you should know that!
Shadowman397 years ago
I've noticed that too, it isn't just you.
KnexFreek7 years ago
 no  its not just you. there is also a rectangle outline around each comment
~KGB~7 years ago
no its not just you, ive noticed it too...