Is it polite to make an instructables on something that someone else has posted one on?

Hi there!  I am a rather new member of instructables, and I am not sure about something.  Is impolite to post an instructables on something that someone else has made an instructables on years ago?  It is nothing big or amazing; it is just a simple project.  I thought up the idea a while back and used it extensively, but when I was ready to do an instructables on it, I found someone beat me to it.  :)

Thanks for the help.  I just want to know what the polite thing to do is.

th3_jungle_inv3ntor (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for the help! I am going ahead with my instructables. :)
Kiteman4 years ago

There are Laws...

(OMG, they are seven years old now!)
Toga_Dan4 years ago
Why not? There are repeats in themes here. Usually people have a slightly different approach. Something done a bit different, or even explained differently.
kelseymh4 years ago
Sure! If you are documenting your own, independent project, you should do so. You can provide a link to the other project, just to let people know you know about it.

If you are "copying" someone else's project (for example, "Here's how I built Joe's grat bike trailer"), then you should definitely cite your source.