Is it possible to add tags to pictures already in image library

Sorry, this is probably another stupid question. Can I add tags to images that are already in my image library? I didn't realize how quickly the photos would add up. I have only posted 3 instructables, but I am working on several more and the lack of tags is annoying. I am now adding tags but I still have a bunch of photos without tags.Thanks.

kelseymh4 years ago
It's supposed to be. Go to your image library, and select one of the pictures by clicking on it. You'll get it on a page by itself, with a box to the left labelled "KEYWORDS". Use the "+Add keyword" link, and a little text box will appear, where you can type.

It's an awfully kludgey interface, but, ummmm, is that really unexpected?
artlife (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
I tried the keyword option. Then I tried to find photos using the keyword, it didn't work. With tags I can find all of the photos for each separate component of the instructable. I think I might have to upload photos again to tag them. I don't know if I can upload duplicate photos yet.
You shouldn't have to. The stuff you enter as "tags" are exactly what show up in the "keywords" list when you go back. If "search by keyword/tag" isn't working, that's a separate bug.

Ah, I see. In your own Image Library, there's a pull-down menu next to "view by:", which essentially lists every tag/keyword you've used (and shows how many images have each one). That does work. The "search by name:" text box _only_ looks for the literal filename you used when you did the original upload (and is therefore likely to be less useful).