Is it possible to get a rating of 5* on a forum topic?

I want every body here to rate this topic 5*. I've always wanted to know if its possible to get a full 5* on instructables. _
Edit: DONT RATE IT 5 ANYMORE! Rate IT 0.5! Lets see how low the rating can go!

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The Jamalam8 years ago
keep going!
Almost.... At 4?
Rated......1! HAHAHAH!!!!!

Jk I rated 5
kingghaffari (author)  I_am_Canadian9 years ago
hmmm. i dont know who but someone reated this down. well accualy 4 peaople rated this 1.
Rated 0.5
Just for your efforts...

Hey! I'm helping you guys build character!
Yeah, me too. He can't get a 5 now!
kingghaffari (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
er yes i can. Not all of the ratings must be 5*.
Yes, they do. It works off of averages. You can't have a 100% average if one of your numbers are a 0. That brings it down.
Wrong, they don't work off averages, exactly. At least, not the total raw rating divided by the number of ratings.

Details here...
It was already impossible anyway, because of the starting average. Besides, enough people are never gonna vote for this anyway.
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