Is it possible to hook up a device using composite video (from the red, white, and yellow tri-cables) to my computer?

I ripped open a cheap mini surveillance camera and removed the IR filter, but now I'm tied to the TV if I want to see what it does. I believe it uses a composite video cable, (the yellow cord on those red, white, and yellow three-in-one cables), to output the video to the TV. Is it possible (as in cheap :P ) to connect that cable to my computer and view the video? I'd been thinking that I would just use an adapter to convert it to S-video, but the port on my laptop clearly says "S-video Output," so I doubt that it would be able to interpret the signal. Free apps for this? I'm open to ideas.

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deansep10 years ago
You can go and get a special cable that has on one end a tri-cable (the red yellow and white)hook up and the other is a USB cable.( the one that goes into your computer plug.
LasVegas deansep10 years ago
There are no special cables of this sort. The solution is not as simple as an adapter cable.
Actually I do have a micro USB cable to TV as Deandude mentioned but it has to have software (from camera) to work. I plugged my cell phone in and it was just like static black trippyness.
There is no such cable. USB is not capable of feeding NTSC or PAL video directly. The technologies are not compatible with each other. There could be a video capture device that connects through USB, but not a cable.
westfw10 years ago
PCI video capture card
Video to USB adaptor
Another USB capture device

Unfortunately, converters seem to run more $$$ than a USB camera (this even make sense from an electronics point of view.)
Many camcorders include an "A2D" function that allows them to convert analog video input to digital output (usually firewire) without having to record on tape first, which is swell if you have such a camcorder and have firewire on your computer.
LasVegas10 years ago
No easy free conversion. You need a video capture card. Probably the most inexpensive solution would be a USB TV device.
carbon (author)  LasVegas10 years ago
So the camera hooks up normally, and then we have a usb cable from the TV? I wanted this rig to be portable, but this could all be simplified by me just springing for a webcam... Regarding that: What's a good webcam?
LasVegas carbon10 years ago
Not a TV. A TV USB device. This is a USB device that will accept video and TV signals allowing you to watch them on your computer.
VIRON10 years ago
Why watch a cam on the PC? It works better with the TV already! Why not forget the PC and connect to a video recorder? The USB thing is called Dazzle and it's cheap. I have one.
teaaddict31410 years ago
usb maybe? i think i might have seen a adapter for this at radioshack about a year ago