Is it possible to stop people entering a specific number into any internet pages?

Hi all Is it possible to stop anyone entering a specific number (phone number) on my network? I have a TP Link TL -WR642G if that helps. I am asking that because there have been some people in our network entering phone numbers into ads all over the net...

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LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
Hmm, some sort of key logging program might be able to do that
thermoelectric (author)  LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
Any specific program? Would it be able to stop her entering a phone number into a form or would it just not let the form be sent?
Yeah I just figured one out actually, lifehacker have some text replacement software which looks for certain phrases you type and then replaces them with preset text, like it could replace sig1 with your address. Pout your phone number in it and it'll replace with something different, that you specify.
thermoelectric (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
Really, Do you have a link?
thermoelectric (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
Thanks Whatsisface (wow that's hard to type fast...)
No, just a general idea
thermoelectric (author)  LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Sounds more like you have a personnel problem there. Management should find out who and why people are putting the phone number into ads and announce anyone doing it is against company policy and will be subject to penalties. You can "sniff", monitor and log network packets but the setup and maintenance involved in something like that might not be worth the cost and trouble. You may also run into some legal privacy issues even though it is the company's own network. Find the culprits or usual suspects and take them out back for a nice talk...
thermoelectric (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
Well, It isn't really business, It is my younger sister and the cell phone subscriptions have cost my parents $70+... (I just wanted to know if i could stop her doing it again, She clicks on virtually any ads.)
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