Is it possible to take a comupter moniter, and hook up my gamecube to the moniter so i can play it?

I really want to hook a gamecube up to my p.c. moniter and be able to play it. please involeve no soddering, or expensive items. PLEASE HELP ME!

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homeboy (author) 8 years ago
i got a cable that you plug in the cords you usually plug into the tv that turns into a vga, when we plugged it into our monitor(we tried 3 of them) nothing happened any ideas?
Padlock homeboy8 years ago
This is probably because it was meant to use in reverse- Take the output of a computer and turn it into yellow/white/red.
Joe Martin8 years ago
It is possible if you could make the cable or manage to find one, I think that the digital out port (Only on the early early models) there was a nintendo component cable but when they killled that port (To save pennys) The killed the cable. No 3rd party cables were ever made due to that as for as I know. So yeah making one is the only way. There was a guide somewhere but I can't remember where I read it! Oh! And the little scart to vga boxes you buy work but not with brilliant results.
Aar000n3y9 years ago
I don't know what kind of cable gamecubes use, but i'm sure there's a converter cable for it. Just google it
. Yep. "gamecube to VGA" works well.