Is it safe (for the fish) to use hot glue to put together glass for an aquarium?

Will it harm them in any way? That's all I really need to know. Thanks!

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Smile4eva2 years ago

is hot glue ok for guppies? i used some for making decorations in my tank.

One major problem with hot glue is that it quickly looses adhesion if suberged in water.
It is also hygrophobic and will swell up over time.
The only "glues" I use in fish tanks are:
A) Silicone rated for either aquarium use or rated as safe in enviroments for human consumption (usually for builders supplies).
B) Two component resin based glued labeled to be safe for underwater use and to be inert once fully cured.

A is for what I call general use, B when it comes to structural repairs like pump and filter housings.

Never use hot glue for pets it is highly toxix glue is not meant for water uses.I used it to stick my turtle dock to the aquarium wall.The dock came off before i had a chance to put my turtles in the aquarium....The glue just dissolved in the water.Buy silicone glue for these kind of jobs.

Yep you are right.. i too tried but failed. Hot glue dosent last long in water.

Long time fish keeper and avid DIY'er so thought I would share. Crazy glue is safe for aquarium use. It can be used to glue moss or other plants to rocks in the aquarium. It cures quickly in water and is fish safe. Will not hold an aquarium together though. Hot glue will not hold up under water. It is safe to use but will not last. 100% silicon without mold inhibitors is what most aquarium keepers use. To repair a leaking aquarium remove the original seal with a razor blade or other sharp object. Be careful. Remove all old caulk and clean with acetone, fingernail polish remover. Place painters tape about 1/4 inch away from each corner on all sides. Squirt silicone into seam making sure it goes from top to bottom. Wet finger and slide it along silicone to spread it and work into corners. Let dry and remove tape. Photo frame glass is not a good idea for any tank over a gallon. It just will not hold the water pressure. Betas need at least 5 gallons. They may survive in tiny containers, a myth, but quality of life is not good.

Thank you.. great advice.. :)

Goodhart4 years ago
personally, I don't allow fish to use hot glue nor to help build an aquarium (sorry, I just had too....I couldn't stop myself). :-D
Hilarious! ;-)
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