Is my hearing wacky?

I was just using a tone generator and I chose a sweep mode. I can here 2.1mhz, but when I did a sweep down to 100Hz there was a long pause when I couldn't here anything, and then I can here it. Is this normal?

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guyfrom7up (author) 10 years ago
well, it might just be a glitch in the software I'm using because I can here 2.1mhz, 2.0 mhz, 2.5, 2.3, but not 2.4mhz. Is it just a certain pitch that my ear can't here or might it me a glitch with the soft ware? I use NCH tone genrator
gmoon guyfrom7up10 years ago
AFAIK, you should not be able to hear any of those frequencies (not even 100k.) You must be hearing some other artifact of the process (undertone harmonic?)

It's no wonder the effects are inconsistent on your hearing. I wouldn't sweat it....
Patrik gmoon10 years ago
Yeah, there is no way you are actually hearing a mHz-range frequency.

What you might be hearing is some overtones (or in this case, undertones) of that frequency (seems unlikely, considering this is about 7 octaves above the audible range), or perhaps some other artifacts caused by cross-talk in your audio system. For example, if your CPU frequency is a multiple of the frequency produced by the tone generator, it is possible you might hear a faint tone which is the beat frequency between an overtone of the tone generator and the CPU frequency.

Either way, what you're hearing is just an artefact of having a less-than-perfect audio system, and any "gap" in your hearing between 20kHz and 2mHz is entirely accidental.

Try scanning 100Hz - 20kHz. If there's any gaps there, I would start worrying...

As an aside - I can hear a very high-pitched whine coming from many TV sets. Can be quite annoying, but most people just don't hear it. This high-pitched whistle presumable corresponds to the line refresh rate of the TV set: 525 lines per TV screen, 30 times per second = 15.7kHz, which is at the extreme end of most people's audible spectrum. Guess I just happen to be more sensitive in that frequency range than others...
KeannaRoar Patrik10 years ago
Wow. You can hear the TV left on too? Everyone in my family thought I was nuts.
its a lion Patrik10 years ago
i can hear that too. our downstairs fan has a real high pitched whine that drives me crazy, but nobody else in my house can hear it...
w00ty32 Patrik10 years ago
I hear that whine from some TV's 2, so ur not crzy if u were wondering
Patrik w00ty3210 years ago
Oh, I know I'm not crazy. The green people living behind the wallpaper told me so...
gmoon Patrik10 years ago
Oh, man. The green wallpaper people are much harder to get rid of than, say, that 60 hz hum...
What are you trying to do with it anyway?
guyfrom7up (author)  Sunbanks10 years ago
it's a secret, I'm going to make an instructable about it later. If you really want to know it PM me and I'll tell you if you don't tell anyone else ;) For other people it's not a huge deal, just a cool little trick that can be made for a couple of dollars.
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