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(In a musical gameshow like voice) It's time for the General Discussion for Discussion Blog. This is a blog where from week to week the owner will post something new and exciting to discuss and he and the audience discuss it in a general discussion matter With your host Mysterious Ninja Of Fire. Each week within the last post I will be giving a hint as to next week. This week is ninjas. next week will be democians.

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See my house is new, off from the road a bit and doesn't vibrate or anything, however I have the ability to knock things over from some distance in my house, when I walk in to a room there's always a little clunk, out to the carport, one steel pot falls over every time, am I haunted. I've lived in reputed haunted houses, my work is supposedly haunted, to the point where two of my supervisors wont go upstairs... I have no real cause for concern...
I have seen strange things, but all were always natural and explainable. Sometimes hard to reverse (like on end of a house settling when the other end was not sinking), but always explainable.
Well the house itself is settled now... it still needs a lick of paint as the settling cracks havn't been gone over yet, it's on good land with good drainage and soild foundations... Unlike the albert clock here, built on reclaimed land it was leaning over for years, at about a 15o angle, it was 'fixed' only for everyone to notice that they hadn't put it quite straight...
Keith-Kid9 years ago
maybe ur just clumsy?
Ot isnt me ill just be sitting like 5 feet from ti and sitting completely still and ittl fall lol you think im pshyco thats all right i like people thinking of me that way because then they know for sure that if i say ill do soemthing ill do it because im crazy and ill do anything owwwwww my own logic is hurting my brain
no,no...what if you weren't really not wanting to not not be smashing stuff but you re Unconsciously not wanting to not be doing it but you're doing it anyway cuz theres a tiny frog in ur left nostril that's controlling your every movement by pulling your nose hairs and survive by breathing its own farts, which in turn make you dizzy and disoriented so you knock stuff, but you don't notice cuz theres a frog fart in ur nose, then when u get over it, you think it was a ghost!
no i checked my mutant albine frog is in his tank safe and sound
who said anything about albino?
its albino so it can see in the darkcrevices duh everyone knows albino things have better vision in dark and light hurts their eyes that why i had to put the light5 on him to ttake the picture my room has a very low light bulb i have redeyes everyday because of it and i think im turning albino lol (albino: A living thing thats pigmentation is mainyl white and very sensitive and has red eyes which can see better in the dark and is sensitive to light (yes there are albino humans)
Generally, albinos don't see better in the dark, they see less poorly. Albinos typically have some degree of vision impairment.
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