Is searching supposed to be so impossible?

What happened to all the options for searching? For as "user friendly" as the site apparently wants to be, removing every single feature of searching beyond typing in one's query has only done the exact opposite. If I only want to search in the Jewelry section, for example, am I completely out of luck? I'm hoping I missed something, because this is unbelievably frustrating.

mikeasaurus3 years ago

The search on the homepage is for general searching. If you already know the channel you are looking for you can use the dropdowns within each category. In explore click Living, then use the dropdown to find jewellery

sazure3 years ago

Hello again - I input Jewelry in the "let's make" (upper right hand corner of every page) and found the section Jewelry - but not sure if that is what you meant. I guess after that just go through one page by one (can add x amount of pages at link at bottom left).

sazure3 years ago

I am new just today March 30 2014 (and used to do financial graphics for Wall Street before a building fire did me in) and just found this amazing site BUT (maybe I am just older, lol) I find the search capabilities equally frustrating. I had done a search for transfer solvent (looking for non toxic to avoid chemicals) and found a page - made an account and then still could not reply (to inform x poster about toxicity in product they touted as safe - degrees in biochemistry/arts/arts chemistry and more.

HOURS later gave up and finally FOUND in the top right corner (black on grey is hard to see and any hue that is closely related - eye sees BRAIN perceives.) Top right corner under let's make that is YOUR search area. (found after searching some help section - I have no idea where that is now, lol.

I had to simply put in transfer (as opposed to solvents transfer so on). Still would be nice to change list by simple type rather then HUGE photos that make it time consuming to find specifics. Although I do like discovering other areas by "accident" one could have a choice mho.

It's a shame as it is a fantastic site - ditto for other upgrades where designers seem to make it really hard to find things fast... and intuitive and user friendly.

But I will use it - again already found new areas to discover and further research - amazing site just wish easier to skirt about. Maybe someone with tech background could do that???

Kiteman4 years ago
You can narrow your search by category, if that's a help.