Is there a way to embed Audio into an Instructable?

If there is, I would like to know how. I Once I get my newest project "packaged" all nice and pretty, I want to demonstrate the sound quality as opposed to the mere squeak it was before. Before and after pics below...

Picture of Is there a way to embed Audio into an Instructable?
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KANahas9 years ago
This is experimaental, it may not work I'm putting in the css Entry>
<Ref href="SONG URL HERE" />
</Entry l surrounded by <&>

<Ref href="" />
I uploaded a file to ripway a put in the url IDK maybe it will work
KANahas KANahas9 years ago
I'll try uploading as an image
Goodhart (author)  KANahas9 years ago
At least it is clickable.
True that...
Goodhart (author)  KANahas9 years ago
And I have successfully added my .WAV digital recording to my latest ible . Thanks everyone for your help.
KANahas KANahas9 years ago
My conquest to getting audio to play directly has failed... BTW /\ that audio is for my newest instructable though in progress and unpublished
Goodhart (author)  KANahas9 years ago
That is fine. It doesn't need to play on auto, I just needed a better way to give access to it then what I experienced with YouTube originally. I uploaded the "video" that was only audio, and a blank screen played through in about 4 seconds, (like it was compressed or something) then ended before the audio came in. It was frustrating.
That is strange... I just uploaded as an image as described above
Goodhart (author)  KANahas9 years ago
No, I meant in the past, I tried to record audio using my cam and mic. The video uploaded to Youtube would be out of sync, and I had to render it into a different form in order to get it synched up, but then the quality would suffer. This way appears to work.
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