Is this dangerous? (Answered, thank you)

A friend recently bought a new house with an extremely large rural garden.

While we were having a "tour of the grounds", her daughter found what appears to be a gun cartridge (pictured).  Thinking quickly, our friend handed the cartridge to me for "safe disposal".

What is it?

If I rip it open, what will I find?

(It is about 70mm long, and feels hefty enough that it could contain lead shot.)


Thanks for all the helpful answers - pretty well confirmed what I thought I knew (except for the sabot!).

I'll keep it safe and dry until I have time to dissect it with the boys.

Picture of Is this dangerous? (Answered, thank you)
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Goodhart5 years ago
Wish I'd seen this when it got posted.....I'd recognize a 4/10 shell at 20 paces LOL One of the few shot guns you can shot easily with out putting the stock against your shoulder. When I was young is was called the lady's shot gun; I have no idea why. :-)
hwhitley15 years ago
When You Cut It Open Make Sure And Do It Slowly If You Did it too fast the gunpowder could warm up and go off even though its unlikely
Kiteman (author)  hwhitley15 years ago
kelseymh5 years ago
This was posted today....
lol thanks for promoting my instructable
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
Hehe, I was just reading that!
kelseymh5 years ago
Kiteman, in that second question of yours, I think you misspelled "when" :-D
Well spotted, sir!
dla8885 years ago
It looks like a .410 shell. People hunt rabbits and small game birds with them. Personally, I would put it in the trash and not monkey with it. I've watched somebody slice a live 12 gauge shell open, nothing happened, but I was hiding behind a sheet of plywood.

If you rip it open you will find a few grains of smokeless ball powder(or something similar), a plastic wad/shot cup, and some small lead shot(2-3mm diameter). Here's a website that explains it in more detail:

Here in America they make shot shells for hunting waterfowl with steel shot. I'm guessing that your shell would have been used for hunting rabbits.
lemonie dla8885 years ago
What happens to your trash?
It's not uncommon for trash to be incinerated, and that's not a good disposal method for ammunition.

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