Is this normal?

The veins in my arms (a ton in my right, a lot, but not as much, in my left) bulge a ton, even if I'm not doing anything. While typing at a desk they look fine. Just sometimes out of knowwhere they just bulge, I might not even be doing anything that requires effort!. Is this bad? It doesn't hurt, it just looks weird. I don't work out (mind you I'm not that weak either, I'd call myself average), I weight about 100 pounds (I know, I'm light), I'm ~5' 4", and I'm 14., and I'm skinny. I'm Eurasian (half korean, and half white stuff like german and welsh, etc.). I find this really weird cause 2 of my friends are really strong, but they don't have the weird vein thing (they're skinny too). My arms are pretty thin, like I can wrap my thumb to my middle finger around my arm (about halfway inbetween my wrist and elbow, maybe a little more) More that I think about it typing bulges my veins, I'll post pictures of my right arm soon, it's freaking me out. Soome kids in my school are like "cool, how do you do that." Some girls are like "eewwwww" when they see my arms, but other don't seem to notice it. Bottom line, is this good, bad, should I be concerned, etc.

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Kiteman9 years ago
Sound just like mine - I use mine as a teaching aid during lessons on circulation. It grosses the kids out to watch an empty vein refilling before their eyes.
coolz9 years ago
It maybe that you're getting repetitive strain injury. see a doctor
tech-king9 years ago
normally, your veines swell when you are getting hot. and i think some women can have a sudden phase when the veines in their legs bulge. but i doubt its a bad thing.
westfw9 years ago
I think it's a symptom of low body fat, which is generally good. My arms did that, back when I was in Jr High/Highschool, probably in college. back when I was skinny
Labot20019 years ago
This happened to my brother the other day; I don't think you need to worry about it.
It's not a worry mine are similar, later in life you will have good muscle definition...
It's not a worry mine are similar, later in life you will have good muscle definition...


No I asked my doctor the very same thing during a checkup... he told me about it... It's different from muscle size and density apparently...
Oh, believe you, just thought it was funny how you said it.
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