Is this pizza really worth $2.6m?

Marylander Chris Clark has spent less than $300 maintaining the domain name since 1994.

After reading that the website had sold for $3m two years ago, he put on an online auction site. Starting at $100, it leapt to $2.6m after only a week.

What do you think? Was it worth the money?

What domain name do you think would be worth buying now as an investment for the future?
Press TV story
BBC slant
Clark's local press

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westfw9 years ago
I checked some figures. Back in 1997, Pizza Hut spent $100million on an advertising campaign. That probably means that $2.5million, to own "" forever, is a pretty good deal.
Doctor What9 years ago
Heck. If I were him I would go higher.
Well, millions of pizza companies want an easy to remember web address. What's simpler thatn I know i would be fighting for that web address! But not 2.6 mil.
Kiteman (author) 9 years ago
Er, I think somebody already has that one ...

I'm not sure you got the point of the question
Note to self: Buy I will eventually get my bank account sorted and buy my own domain, considering someone actually stole the jackalope name with nuclear jackalope which after all my searching doensn't pre-exist my name...
Kiteman (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Hey, it seems to be available...
Not for long kiteman, so to be poorman who spent his money ensuring he owned kiteman, ruining it by becoming poor man.
what about :P
Kiteman (author)  Shadow Dragon9 years ago
Taken - it seems to be a Spanish architect.
Oh. :(
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