Is this possible?

Hi people! I have a broken mobile phone but the screen i think it works Is possible to use it to view tv, use playstation , etc? How? Sorry, i cant type more because im not expert in english :P Thanks

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andy10 years ago
Try to find the datasheet, that is all i can suggest, it would be monsterously complex but if you know what your doing it is probably possible. You can get similar things from "sparkfun", so I assume similar things have been done before, but it will not be easy. Try a search engine, good luck, Andy
westfw10 years ago
Possible. But pretty hard, and probably more expensive than buying a purpose-built flatscreen display. The sort of LCDs found in digital electronics like cellphones don't deal with the standard video formats, so you essentially have to read the video into a computer and write to the LCD digitally. Both of those are reasonably difficult things.