Is this site for us any more; or is it just all about promoting sponsors' products?

This site used to be really felt like a community where people were generous with what they had discovered and wanted to share with everyone else, and I think most contributors come here, still,  and share with that same attitude. But the vibe has very much changed...and quite clearly the site has become far more focused on its sponsors.

What has happened with the search function? When functionality has been limited you know that the site is more about what they want you to see and less about what YOU want to see.

And how long before the site only contains Instructables using Duck tape and that modelling clay stuff I had never before heard of but which now seems to be everywhere on this site?

I am very disappointed that this site isn't really about its users anymore. I used to recommend it to everyone, but when I brought a friend here yesterday I realised that it isn't what it was. It is a very great shame.

(will be interesting to see how long this thread lasts)

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As an official Instructables person, I was going to address your points, but it looks like it's been mostly taken care of. So here's a couple things:

As far as duct tape and Sugru taking over, that just sounds like timing on your part. We have a LOT of content. Yes, a lot of people in the DIY space like duct tape (no big surprise) and now Sugru (more of a surprise since it's new). So those get used a lot. But not enough to be taking over.

If you want to see some more common things, check out LEGO, K'NEX, Dremel, glue guns, drills, cakes, solar panels, LEDs, and many more.

In terms of any more focus on sponsors we do have ads and contests. These do help pay the bills and keep the site running. Since contests are skill-based and cannot require the use of any product you aren't forced to use any product. It's the law and, more importantly, rude to do that.

As far as sponsored content, which caitlinsdad brought up, I can talk about that since I've made a bit. That gets produced and is sometimes (but not always) featured on the site and the newsletter, but that's it. It's not stuck on the front page for a week or forced with an interstitial or anything. We also work with the sponsors as much as possible to make the content as interesting as we can. After all, that's what matters.

Even so, there's not that much of that either. Add up all of that and we're up to a few dozen so far.

Also, you don't like the search function. I hear ya. I never use it myself and have requested a change, but I don't make those changes.
wow, this is like the Pope coming out to address the crowd. Thank you for an honest reply.

We stand ready for our maker auditing.
Yup, I'm in my mod-powered Popemobile. Impervious to negative comments thanks to the power of admin powers.

Which I wouldn't use because there's no point in removing comments unless they're totally useless and full of hate. These are far from that.

I'd love to be on here more to discuss these issues, but I'm often doing things away from the site or am focused on specific parts of it.
I understand, you have to bring to justice those that leave the shrimp shells in the sink.
Hah! I leave the kitchen and workshop alone. Trying to control that chaos only makes you crazy.
Hah! and that is just the kids at home...
lemonie5 years ago
The site needs to turn a profit, so it follows tha t-
The community is a root, but as these things go when money is involved they go like -

kelseymh5 years ago
Finally, your apparent dislike of "sponsorship", and your grasping at unrelated issues to try to justify that dislike, carries with it an inescapable odor of whiny entitlement. If you really think the site should be self-sufficient, and not asking for corporate money, then why haven't you stepped up to the plate to support the site yourself?
Tinworm (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
what a nasty person you are. Do you spend your entire life on here looking for people to snipe at?

I am expressing a sincerely held view and inviting responses from others. Bullying me won't change my view.

I'm not trying to bully. You titled your topic rather nastily and you included lots of unnecessary innuendo regarding motive. I addressed both of your factual complaints as clearly and factually as possible, and separated out my response to your unrelated attack. If you weren't trying to be nasty, maybe you could clarify what you were trying to do, or maybe rephrase your posting to focus on the issues which are really important.
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