Is your Bottom made out of Iron? Ever taken a Serious motorbike trip? Daytona? Sturgis? The Big Easy?

Ok, a friend (one of our church members) has asked me to come visit. He's got a contract flying Choppers and Cropdusters for the next two months. We used to eat breakfast together about three times a week when he was in town, and he said if I'll ride up there, he's buying. Problem is, he's 500 miles away. I can't afford to drive the Tahoe, and I don't trust my crackerbox (18 year old Mazda). I think I'm going to take the Goldwing. I've never really ridden more than about 200 miles in a day, but I'll only have about 3 days to make this voyage (1000 miles round trip). What do you think? Is it do-able for a sleep deprived, rapidly-aging, and slightly-overweight desk-jockey?

Picture of Is your Bottom made out of Iron? Ever taken a Serious motorbike trip?  Daytona? Sturgis? The Big Easy?
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KentsOkay8 years ago
Furthest distance ive one: 10 miles, in circles xD
skunkbait (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Did you do that on Suzzy? I bought my sister a moped (real pedal style) about 17 years ago, and it needed some work (broken frame!!!). I didn't have a truck so I rode it (broken frame and all!!!) about 12 miles to my cousins shop. It was a mini-epic journey. NEVER again!!!
Yeah, spent like an hour cruising the 'hood, being cool. I've managed to avoid selling it, must get a different frame to let that engine into it's fll potential...u
skunkbait (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
I dunno. The bike frame is nice and light. If you could just lower it and attach some serious aerodynamic panels........
Yeah, but I'm rather fond of the idea of creating something slick. I'd like to try to adapt it to electric start, and have some sort of alternator system. I only get about 2 hours out of the battery atween charges.
When I wuz 26, a shipmate of mine had decided to get out and go home rather than re-enlist ! Trouble wuz her home wuz Oregon and we wuz in S.Carolina !! I had a bone stock 42 HD ULH and she had a seriously warmed over 49 Indian Sport Scout ( bored and stroked to 55" plus a LOT of other engine work) ! So I took 2 weeks leave and escorted her home ! We made it to Cali on I-40 in 3 days ! My bike kinda set th' pace cuz that old 80" HD wuz built to cruise and I maintained a steady 70-80 mph between stops to fill tanks and bleed bladders ! That little Indian would let me lead for while and then she would get bored and blast past me like I wuz sittin' still ( I might outta mention that Annalese is a full blood Nez Perce' ) Goin' up US 5 to Eugene took another 2 days, I spent 2 more restin up and th' rest of my 2 weeks leave gettin' back to Charleston ! I wuz one tired, saddle sore hillbilly time finally got back to th' ship !
skunkbait (author)  gearhead19518 years ago
Wow! That's quite a trip. Man, the '70s were a real golden era for American Iron. My father was able to afford a long string of old Pans, Knuckles, and FLats back then. These days, American iron is out of the grasp of most working folks. My 15 year old just took over my main ride ('73 Shovelhead), so I'm going to have to rebuild my other ('79 Sportster). I've still got a Goldwing, Bultaco, Bandit, and a few 2-strokes on the back burner. But I'd love to put my backside on an old Scout ,Chief or Vincent.
You got a '79 Sporster?
skunkbait (author)  Mr. Cowboy8 years ago
Yeah. But it needs rewiring and a gasket job. I don't really have time to mess with it. My kids are able to do it, but they're usually playing with their own rides.
Oh. But still. I always liked the '70's Sportys
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