How much more messier is your room/house/workshop compared to mine?

I was just wondering how much messier is your room/house/workshop compared to mine, If so how much messier, Post a pic to show us if possible

Picture of How much more messier is your room/house/workshop compared to mine?
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SinAmos8 years ago
I'm not gonna lie. Mine is pretty bad. I think I've beaten this multiple times. I'm always in the process of cleaning.:)
thermoelectric (author)  SinAmos8 years ago
Ouch, Mine's neater than this at the moment, It's hard to move my computer chair through that, LOL!
briackman8 years ago
lol my room before it was cleaned was UBER messy, but not as messy as yours, at least i could see the my floor!!
thermoelectric (author)  briackman8 years ago
Lol, yeah. My room isn't as messy now though...
quilter28 years ago
My yard has been full of all the garage stuff, for the last 3 weeks. We need a shed and I am painting the garage interior with a primer followed by Behr high gloss white enamel. Only I can still see the dark of the sheet rock after 2-3 coats of a Glidden PVA primer for new sheet rock. Then 3 coats of the Behr. I am not happy and the weather is in the 90's. The best thing is Behr will be paying me back for all my initial purchases AND 3 more gallons of their enamel primer and 3 more gallons of their high gloss Enamel paint. I am tired of painting and want to get the floor cleaned,more electric boxes and lighting. I don't know much about electricity-but I will read and try. The final move back in will be something. I pray things will be organized and my husband and I can actually find our tools and do the projects that haven't been done in 25 years. I am fearless in asking for help and want to get on with it. May Behr's new primer really hide like it's supposed to. The employee I talked with was very polite and helpful. It pays to make those calls. As you can tell I am way past tired.... . the quilter
thermoelectric (author)  quilter28 years ago
Ouch, Your yard must look awful with all the stuff from your garage on it... (no offence) If you want I can try to give you a bit of help with the electricity things, but be extremly careful, because electricity isn't forgiving... Sleep well :-)
lol, say hello to your 1084th comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uhh... hi! lol
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