Issues with signing 'Winners declaration and release' form with DocuSign

I have already contacted instructables about these issues last week and they are trying to fix them however I am hoping in the mean time some past contest winners and other members could help me with my issues with signing the document 'Winners declaration and release' sent to me by email using DocuSign after I recently won a contest.

The first problem that I am having is that the document requires two separate different signatures, mine (the winner) and my parent/guardian's (required because I am under 18 years old) however the DocuSign interface will only let me sign the same signature in both locations however this is not what is requested by the form, I am not even sure if it is even possible to sign two separate different signatures on the same form using the DocuSign interface.

The second issue is that my SSN number is requested on the form but as I'm not from America so I do not have an SSN number, fortunately in the email that I got with the link to sign this form I was told that 'if international, enter all 0 for SSN' so I attempted this but this SSN (000-00-0000) was 'invalid' and would not be accepted by DocuSign, after experimenting I discovered that the each 'segment' of the SSN must have a value greater than 0 for it to be valid and accepted by DocuSign meaning that the SSN 001-01-0001 was accepted but as I am international I have to 'enter all 0 for SSN' but as I've just demonstrated this is 'invalid' so I cannot complete this form for this reason as well.

If anyone else could assist on these issues I will be very grateful,
Alex Maund

EDIT: after receiving a third reminder to sign the form by autodesk, I have got impatient and submitted the form with the same signature (my parent's) in both places as this is the only option that I can do and there have been no visible signs of progress with the fixing of the mentioned issues in over a week so I hope that the form I have submitted is OK and valid as this is the best I can do. I managed to get the SSN 000-00-0000 accepted when I opened the document used my iPad and the IOS version of DocuSign's website.

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BrittLiv4 years ago
Hi, I had the same problem with the SSN and was asked to put all fives. 555-55-5555 worked fine for me.
As for the other problem I would just use your parents signature twice (I am over 18 so I didn't have that problem).
Maundy (author)  BrittLiv4 years ago
Ok thanks for the response, I'm glad it's not just me!

If you read the update which I just posted I got impatient and used my parent's signature twice and managed to get the SSN 000-00-0000 accepted when I used my iPad.

The communication with Autodesk has been awful though and I never got any response on fixing these issues such as 'use your parents signature twice' or 'use the SSN 555-55-5555', my emails were just forwarded to people who can supposedly help but then never responded, they need to sort these issues out and make it clear what we are expected to do when filling these forms in as the form they sent me is not even compatible with what the service they use (DocuSign) can offer (two separate different signatures on the same document can't be achieved).
BrittLiv Maundy4 years ago
Hi, it took some time before I got an answer, too (The people from Autodesk never answered. Luckily someone from Instructable did.). Apparently you have to fill out the DocuSign document when you win a prize with a value above $600. So I don't know whether you always had to fill it out. The first time I was asked was in the beginning of January (so it has been around for some time).
Maundy (author)  BrittLiv4 years ago
Ok, thank you.
Maundy (author)  BrittLiv4 years ago
I see that you have won lots of contests in the past, is this signing a 'winners declaration and release' a relatively new process that you have to do when you win?

If so I can forgive Autodesk as there are bound to be a few bugs in a new process and finding out how to solve them can take time.

Thanks again :)