It was totally worth it to get Indiana Jones for $9!

Yes, a win for consumerism, the economy is saved.

So which side of the bell curve do you think these shoppers fell on?

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I think Black Friday this year was nearly enough to kill my faith in humanity. People have no sense whatsoever. I really cannot think of anything that's important enough to camp out for and then race other customers for with no regards for anyone else.


These idiots rush out to save a few bucks on toys their children will discard within the year, they fight over cashmere socks and sweater vests and anything with a % off sticker. If I hear one more person whining because they can't spend $500 on christmas this year, I'll probably curbstomp them. :)

I hate christmas.

This will be a common rant all during December. I apologize in advance. Working retail makes me really upset during the holidays. Plus, I get to be screamed at for not having the Twilight books all day long! Yay!
What do you think of the Filene's Basement madness when they open it up for the annual sample sale on wedding dresses? That ends up with epic catfights over a dress.
Oh no! Don't even get me started on weddings. I think weddings are also completely over the top and pointless. The whole ceremony, from the ring to the honeymoon, has been warped so much that it's basically pointless now. :P I'm pretty disgusted with the fact that women expect $3,000+ rings and really expensive dresses that they'll never wear again. It's no wonder most marriages end in divorce - all people are doing is fighting over money because they blew it all on things that don't matter. It's just my take on it, but it seems to be pretty close to what's actually happening.
Last year, my wife and I bought her a $3k+ engagement ring as a joint tenth anniversary gift. It replaced the one I had bought twelve years ago now, which had taken several points of damage (yeah, we failed the saving throw :-). She worked with the jeweler on the design (below), and we both treasure it. I respect your attitude toward weddings (and feel much the same way). When the time comes, I hope that you and your partner agree on what you want, and have a celebration which is meaningful to you both, your families and your friends.
Kitewife re-designed her wedding ring - the original had a narrow curved part to fit around her engagement ring (which cost me a month's wages). Unfortunately, the engagement ring was mounted with white gold, which wore through the yellow gold wedding ring. When the wedding ring got sharp, she got a jeweller to reshape it into a rounder, wider curve, and to make it thicker she added the gold from a ring she had bought to be mine, but changed her mind.
That's really sweet, I have to admit. The claws tend to go back in when I realize a ring is actually meaningful and not just a way of buying or proving love. ;) Beautiful ring, too! I've already told Jace that if we choose to go the marriage route, I don't want anything but the small diamond ring my gramma gave me for my 16th birthday. He might just need to get it cleaned, is all. :P
I want a ring that looks like a Feynman diagram wrapped round my finger. That would be awesome. I'd have something like proton decay, and make the two sides never actually touch. The only difficult part would be figuring out how to keep the time axis correct. It's on my to-do list at least.
We were smart and did our thing at City Hall. I had a co-worker that demanded her fiance max out his credit cards just to get the ring. I can imagine they are now in a world of hurt starting out a new life together with a pile of debt. Our motto is to be "rich in love", that is what really matters. I have no need to out-bling the neighbors.
I have a feeling that will probably be what occurs if we get married. (Because we might just choose to go the domestic partnership route, you never know!) Plus, I have a feeling it would be hard to have a wedding without our families wanting us to do it in a church - that's something neither of us would be willing to do.
A lot of ministers are happy to do weddings in unusual places. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably invite a dozen or so friends to a surprise wedding party. We'd just let the minister (or JOP), and maybe our parents in on the real purpose. Big weddings are just too much of a hassle and the money could be spent in much more practical (or less selfish) ways. BTW- Mrs. Skunkbait agrees. Elope, don't go all out on the honeymoon (it's not about the location) and use any extra finances to get a head-start in life. After you're established go all-out on a 10th or 20th anniversary party.
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