Things you can craft from (Recycling!)

Here is a list of some great things you can craft things out of:

-Empty Shoe box
-Used Poster boards
-Empty Dunkin Donuts Munchkin or Doughnut box
-Empty Pizza Boxes

-Empty Altoids candy box
-Empty Water bottle

-Used Paper (like one you used to write phone numbers on)

-Empty water bottles
-Empty milk containers

*Adding more soon!*

8bit8 years ago
Its fun to take something someone was going to throw away and figure out how to make something useful out of it.
110100101108 years ago
plastic ___________________ bottles and everything made of PET - for hot / vacuum forming styrofoam from packaging bubble wrap / foamy wrap building materials ___________________ pieces of i beams / c beams / window frames electrical cables and wires and pipes pieces of dry wall packaging ___________________ all kinds of boxes furniture and similar junk ___________________ wood / chipboard / mdf hinges etc glass and mirrors
Not PET It decays too much with the heat - HDPE, LDPE and Acryllic should work though.