Its... Its... Beautiful!!! ...What is it?

What is this gun? It looks cool...

Furthermore, can someone (or did someone) build it?

Picture of Its... Its... Beautiful!!!    ...What is it?
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I actually just held this gun today. It was awesome... I almost cried...
How did you get ahold of that?
I was at a gun show... I held an ARX-160, Super Kriss Vector .45 ACP, FN2000, FNH PS90, SIG 556, SIG 522, SIG M400, Glock 20, lots of M4s... the list goes on. There was even a Mosin Nagant...
Holy crap, you are one lucky guy!
Yeah, I have gone to three such gun shows.
nerfrocketeer (author) 4 years ago
nerfrocketeer (author) 4 years ago
Cool! They both look awesome! :)
TAR-21 with holographic sight.
Gracias senor! :P (No I'm not Spanish)
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