It's a race!

Who will be the first to produce a Robot Toy instructable?




Or some other Instructabler who has yet to reveal their plans?

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Labot20019 years ago
I'd say jessyratfink is in the lead.
I posted an update on my progress with the Robot plushie:
KentsOkay9 years ago
It'll be me MUHAHAHAA!!!! Provided I can get a figure sculpted...
I have been thinking of making a clay Robot.
Kiteman (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
Surely that would be a golem?
I'm trying to make a D&D monster and figure, can't figure out how to sculpt the 1 inch, sorry 3cm figure.
Kiteman (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
Try starting with an armature - make a wire stick-man in the pose you want, then stick pieces of clay to it to flesh it out to the size you want.

Is it clothed or armoured? Try making the clothing separately - thin sheets of clay, wrapped around the figure.

For sculpting tools, use needles, toothpicks, and the contents of your mother's manicure set. Keep them wet to stop the clay sticking to them.

Thanks =]
Kiteman (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
Hey, it's amazing what you pick up while you're collecting kids that have been thrown out of art lessons (not my own kids, part of my job is occasionally dealing with "red card" incidents).
red card? sounds... consequential...
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