It's late for the contest, but...

There's a steampunk egg containing a pendant on ebay.

Nice little item, and part of the proceeds go to charity, so I don't feel spammy advertising it.

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Don't you have to be in school right now? (for teaching, of course)
Kiteman (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
Firstly, it's 7.25pm in the UK

Secondly, it's our "half term" break (a week off).

Thirdly - what the smeg did you do to get suspended?
Wowie, Kiteman said smeg..
Kiteman (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
Knowing what it actually means as well.

Which is more than the BBC did when they let it slip through the lawyers and end up on Red Dwarf before the watershed.
Hehe... Rd Dwarf ownz... I should get a Listor avatar...
gmjhowe Kiteman9 years ago
You see, the ones of us who have proper jobs haven't got the week off.
You're on Instructables all day!! You work at home, don't you?
no! i dont work at home. But im always checking ibles - i am uk time zone, so most of your day is my evening.
Ohhh. How far are you from Kiteman?
erm, about 2-3 hours drive away i believe (about half the country)
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