It's the Shed of the Year!

To celebrate National Shed Week in the UK, a custom shed has been determined to be the Shed of the Year. It's a pub in a shed that was built by a man who had never built anything before. Pretty sweet to see that anyone can truly make something cool and worthy of some "of the Year" award.

The article also showcases another cool shed that was made up primarily of shipping pallets for 40 pounds. The only drawback is the lack of windows. OK, it's a huge drawback.


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ll.139 years ago
English stereotype there... =/
fungus amungus (author)  ll.139 years ago
A stereotype reinforced by an English blog, that is. I just thought it was cool that someone who has (supposedly) never built anything before made a winning entry.
It may be a stereotype, but it's a truism as well. When our school got an allotment from the local council, no male teachers volunteered to help with it until they found out there would be a new shed in the corner. Seriously. I went to the Royal Norfolk Show - there were dozens of shed-makers displaying. I was invited to a BBQ by a friend - we spent the evening comparing sheds. The presence of a shed raises house-prices in the UK.
The presence of a shed raises house-prices in the UK.

I wish that was true in the US.

Dad keeps his toys in the 4-car garage. Last house we had a 3-car, the one before that was 2-car... See a trend?
we have a 2-car and could'nt, for the life of me,Fit a half a smart car in there!!
It may be easier to move the people into the garage and the toys into the house...
Rishnai Kiteman9 years ago
You should have seen the shed someone erected up in the mountains with what was obviously waste plywood from a construction site. The funny bit is, they built it outside the apartment building on the hillside. They stuck it right on the property line between our land and the apartment's land so it was unclear whose it really was, just in case the inspector came by and noticed the monstrosity. Odds and ends were sticking out every which way (no jigsaw to cut those off?!), nothing was square, and I thought if I sneezed hard enough, it would probably fall down. But several shoves proved that it was anchored well and just had so much plywood and nails that it would hold together. Wildest shed I ever saw!
that's so cool! ,,i need a shed pretty bad,, *starts collecting pallets*
Great shed there! Flexibility is the key. Start small and work your way up, though isn't that the first shed that guy made? That's pretty good going!
Mr. Rig It9 years ago
I call it a Hooch and a very nice shed where you can drink beer comfortably.
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