I've beaten Eric!

I'll let the statistics speak for themselves...

Picture of I've beaten Eric!
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Kiteman (author) 6 years ago
Oh, no! Eric has moved up to 133.

Never fear, I have moved on to 134 with this skull.

This also means I have now drawn level with Canida!
canida6 years ago

Though I really need to get publishing, as you're only one behind me.
*looks shifty*

Once you pass me I'm definitely going to have to start counting pageviews instead of Instructables.
Kiteman (author)  canida6 years ago
canida Kiteman6 years ago
OK, forget this contest law nonsense. I'm devoting the rest of the year to making an Instructable just to stay ahead of you!

(Hey rest of the world - it's now officially Kiteman's fault.)
Kiteman (author)  canida6 years ago
You've got a few days' grace - I'm working on my properly-laser-cutter-worthy project.
canida Kiteman6 years ago
That was a typo. I meant that I'm devoting the rest of the year to making an Instructable every day or to just to stay ahead of you. (Not just 1 this year, hah.)
Kiteman (author)  canida6 years ago

Kiteman (author)  canida6 years ago
He's drawn even again, now, with that rather nifty flesh-eating koala...
Dang it, I had my netflix queue all ready to go.
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