I've been at it again, in washington.

Well after my trip to linuxhaxors house and wrecking his fence I went to washington on my way back to put shampoo in sunbank's coffee but didn't stop there, I got a little randy and have started a new plague in washington university, my spawn have run wild all over the campus attacking students and bicycles, apparently the cause of the attacks are because my young uns are so damn cute that people try and get close to them, causing them to charge.

You can't even get near the fountain... Bent bikes, slashed tyres and broken shins are the order of the day.


Picture of I've been at it again, in washington.
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Derin9 years ago
oh no
Derin Derin9 years ago
as in
damn it you should've brought me LM's XP disk. i live in tacoma
Tacoma? Howabout a three person instructacon!
turkish instructacon please!i can be your guide there
We could have it at Jerisich Park and the adjacent Skansie Brothers Park! That would be sweet.
Add sunny to your list and thats 4 people! Woo!
4 whole people!
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