I've been banned!

Want to read something really depressing?

Something that makes you fear for the future of America?

Something that should make you really angry?

Have a look at this website, especially their pages on evolution.

I have tried to do something about it, but they are wise to me - whether I try from home or school, no matter what fake ID I use, I now get told my IP has been banned from editing the site.

Maybe other members would like to have a stab at it?

(Update: I'm sorry, I seem to have upset another member by posting this. That was not my intent. It's just there's stuff on that site that is so brain-wrenchingly wrong it renders me speechless. (Me!) )

(Anothe update: Now they're re-writing the Bible because it is too liberal - they're getting rid of the forgiving bits, and emphasising the free-market parables...)

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lemonie8 years ago
Why would you bother, and have you tried using proxies?

Kiteman (author)  lemonie8 years ago
It's a matter of principal. Nobody should be allowed to peddle such lies.

Proxies? Hmmm...
Whose principal? I thought you were the principal troublemaker. :P
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
>rolls eyes<
What's this I hear now? YOUR making trouble with the principals now??
With grammar like that, you're sure to attract more attention.
Honestly, I did not mean to spell Your as your (possessive), and rather meaning to convey you're (you are). I try to avoid that but I let it slip now and then ;-)
Ha ha, that's alright, just don't want another comment the size of the screen telling you off.

Yeah, someone that likes to write a lot doesn't have a punny bone in their body :-)
Hey man! I heard that! This comment about "someone" who likes to write a lot and doesn't appreciate puns. Yeah, you've got me figured out. And didn't anyone ever tell you that all generalizations are false?
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