Ive sold my knex.

Well yes, ive finally sold my knex after a month or two. for those of you who are curious, i got €220 for them. out of the money, i am going to buy an airsoft m14 and other airsoft equipment. i will most likely stay active on this site, but i wont be on it as often as i usually would. ill really miss all of the people who ive got to known and talked to over the years. peace out.

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TheRacker6 years ago
Someone is mature.
Out of interest, what was that comment?
I assume he just typed it that way.
Something about unsubbing to him now because he isn't going to post anymore....and he said it really immaturely.
Ah, cheers.
Puddock6 years ago
Just so you know. I have the same airsoft m14, bought it from the same web sight, at the same price. I think its a nice, good airsoft gun. Although I still do have all of my knex. Besides like TheDunkis said, I will tend to move away from my knex but then I would come right back to them.
What I would of done was save my money to get the m14, and kept the knex. I think this would of been a wiser decision.
~KGB~ (author)  Puddock6 years ago
Nah lol, do you live in ireland? if so, whereabouts?
Puddock ~KGB~6 years ago
Nice guess. I lived in New York before my parents and I moved into Ireland about a month ago, so I dont really know where I live yet.
My grandma was walking on the street here. My house is on the right.(I came home on a razor scooter). Picture of my house:
~KGB~ (author)  Puddock6 years ago
=D what county are you in? Dublin?
Puddock ~KGB~6 years ago
Nope. i dont live in Dublin. I live in Wicklow
~KGB~ (author)  Puddock6 years ago
oh ok. do you have facebook?
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