Jack Daniel's Independence Project Contest

Got our family excited about the Jack Daniel's Independence Project.  Very concern that our video is not displayed,
We followed the directions as described.  Now it seems the rules have changed as voting is going on, yet our entry
is not posted.  Does anyone have any info on this?
Thank you,
Maria Marling 

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alanbrown5 years ago
I am new to the site and also did a last minute entry that showed a note that said it waiting to be moderated. My entry is not up yet but the other comments are leaving me with hope that it will make the list soon.
My question is whether there is an actual email to contact the good people at Instructables with questions. I am just posting on this stream because it relates to my wondering if my submission is in the waiting to be reviewed list. Thanks to all who provide the encouragement.
We received a massive amount of entries right up to the deadline for this contest. We're reviewing the entries and releasing them as fast as we can, if you entered your project and met the criteria then you should be fine.

If you don't see your entry in the next 24 hours please email service@instructables.com, please make sure to include the project url. Good luck!
Thanks for the help and email contact. I am going to have to rethink my member name because it is lame compared to yours and fungus amungus!
Unlike most contests, this one has a 2-step approval process. We did the first approval of the entry and then passed it on to Jack Daniel's for their approval. Once they do that it will show up on the contest page.

If you did not receive a message saying your entry was denied then it is in the queue for JD to look at.

This does not affect your chances at winning since there is no voting for this contest. JD is selecting the winners as well.
Thanks fungus! Killer member name!
I'm sad, my entry met all the criteria and was on time, yet was rejected by JD for some reason.

Pluuuusssss no one seems to know why. (And I'm just insanely curious as to why.)

I will say a certain staff member was very helpful about this and sent me many emails, but even he didn't know why it was rejected.

Soooooooooooooo sadness.
lemonie5 years ago
Did you read the Contest Info'?
It says: Submit a video no longer than 60 seconds, describing your business or project plan, and you could win $25,000 to put towards it.
There is no business or project plan in your video; it's just asking for money to send your daughter to Art College.

I thought I made it clear that my business was growing and selling my metal crystals, and that I needed a bigger shop to do it in. I didn't mention a daughter or art college. Please pardon my accent. I wanted to go back in and put a more thorough description on Tuesday in the text of the instructable, but I was afraid of disqualification.

If I don't edit my video, can I still rewrite my description in the text paper of my ible without fear of disqualification?

Thanks for your input.
I was looking at the author's submission.
I like your ideas, and the video. But having been a Chemist I do like nice-crystals. Best wishes for a prize of some kind - Why are the JD barrel-prizes empty?!

My bad, and thanks, Right you are about the barrels. All that hoopla about having to be 21 to win an empty barrel. Again, not complaining about this generous sponsorship.
A question for a chemist. I understand that this element crystallizes on the corners faster than the sides, but I would love a visual to show why. Can you recommend any sites that show the forces and geometry causing this?
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