Jackal v2-NOW POSTED!!!

its posted!

Well, this is my second attempt at an assault pistol. It kinda looks like a combo of shadowninja/IAC AP. This one uses removable mags. Shoots green rods


- true trigger
- removable mags (expandable)
-30-40 foot range
- looks tight
- capable of rapid fire


- looks like shadowninja's AP
- sometimes, ammo goes down the barrel and gets trapped in the internals.

100% chance of posting!!!!

Credit goes to s0lekill3r for the base idea.

Picture of Jackal v2-NOW POSTED!!!
update 005.JPG
Assault Pistol 004.JPG
Assault Pistol 005.JPG
pistol 001.JPG
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Kiteman8 years ago
That's not a Jackal 2, this is a Jackal 2!
DJ Radio (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
you do realize that i was not aware of this, and i based the name off a pistol in a video game.
And do you realise that I was making a Crocodile Dundee reference?
>Shakes head sadly<

I thought it was funny.
Maybe he's too young...
DJ Radio (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
yeah, I am...
TheDunkis8 years ago
Hmm looks like I'll have to redo my old AP then...
DJ Radio (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
Which one? heehee.....
old as in oldest. Then again I'm not sure which as the main thing I'm going for is a removable magazine. I think I know what I'm going to do. I actually had a design for an assault pistol around sometime last year which was where I came up with all of the ideas for like my flip up sights, trigger, and stuff like that but I never finished it or even mentioned it because the day after I built it I got horribly sick. I think I'll try that.
DJ Radio (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
your TDS?
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