Japanese tyre ski-jumping

Having seen a few good videos contributed by fungus I thought I'd add this one:

What happens when you roll tyres down a ski-jump?
How fast do they go, how far do they get?


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Goodhart10 years ago
A little heavy for the jump, that last one was. :-)
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
Metal4God10 years ago
i loved it. you know whats weird i don't know Japanese and yet its like i under stood them i kept hearing truck or sports car
Sometimes English words are incorporated by other languages (just like we do: restaurant, etc). So maybe they don't have an exact translation for sports car.

I heard it too, BTW.

The PA Dutch are famous for this. Speaking a somewhat corrupted form of German, I have over hear this a few times: Ich schlagt du im der head ! (I will hit you in the head !) :-)
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
over hear
should be
darn i thought i knew Japanese!
Easy Button10 years ago
Wow! The last tire was awsome it broke the ramp yet still got 41m.
Pat Sowers10 years ago
Kiteman10 years ago

Sometimes Japanese TV is just so good (not very often, admittedly).
So, now, I can say "metre" in Japanese ---> metsuru I think I'm ready to go to Japan now.
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