Jeep Sounds Song - AMAZING

Just found this.

A group of 7 people use everything from doors to windows to starter motors to make an amazing jeep techno song.

The song starts off slow but then picks up at about 1:00 if you are low on time and want to skip ahead.
I would recommend listening to it all though its amazing.

Apparently it took two weeks of rehearsing and 7 hours to get a flawless take :O

Download MP3:

Download Ringtone ?

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Randomguy657 years ago
I LOVE the use of the engine start-up at 0:56! Also, I was like :O the whole vid.
The Jamalam7 years ago
Brilliant! Is there an MP3 Download?
Do you have Audacity?

Not yet, but I'm told I can get it on christmas day.
Audacity is a free download.

But, check the OP - there's a url to an mp3 version.

lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
Yes, I could mp3 this (and maybe I will), but it wouldn't be right to post the file here.

Why not? It's not like it's copyrighted.
It is copyrighted. It's on a waiting list to be sold on iTunes, and is currently for sale on Julian's website through PayPal now. The RINGTONE is free, which is available on No.. it wouldn't be very nice at all to distribute his work without his permission. He's talented, has worked very hard, and deserves your $1 if you want the mp3.
See my posts a little further down. :) We're in complete agreement. 

I misunderstood - I thought the mp3 was offered by the artist for free. I certainly am against piracy. And I was also sloppy with my terms - I shouldn't have said copyright, but rather licensed under a restricted license.

Irrespective of Kiteman's comment, I don't think it right to lift someone's original work and effectively distribute it for free without permission. But I think you may have been less than serious there?

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