Jet Pack Speed Record Set

Over in Scotland, some crazy fellow has just set a new speed record for the jet pack at 61 mph. The official speed reading was done by some cops with speed guns apparently, although I'm sure the video evidence also helps.

via Gizmodo

Picture of Jet Pack Speed Record Set
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dagenius8 years ago
There's a guy by the name of Yves Rossy who made an actuall fuel powered one. It had a range of I think about 20 miles, and he crossed the english channel on it. I saw this in popular science, or maybe it was popular mech. anyway, I think that although this is coo, Yves went like 120 mph.
ptacnik8 years ago
i wonder how lond can that ting fly
da movie says 30 seconds
wenpherd8 years ago
das cool!!!!!
KentsOkay8 years ago
Want want want!!! I must go to Scotland and do a similar stunt...
Glorious! I think we're getting closer to hovercars!
fwjs288 years ago
wow....i think i saw a glimpse on tv the other day....
Honus8 years ago
I watched that last night- awesome stuff! Now if I can stuff all that into a Rocketeer jetpack...... :D
Emsaid8 years ago
Yeah i saw this on make a couple of days ago.