Jewelry Box Kits

I'm looking for feedback from the DIY crafting/woodworking community. I'd like to know what you all think of our artisan designed jewelry box kits. I've looked around and what I've seen in this market is pretty slim pickin's. Our kits don't require a shop full of tools, just what the average homeowner might have in his/her tool chest. There is also a short list of supplies. The kits require no cutting or power tools at all. The things that are required are self confidence, a sense of excellence and attention to detail.

Our company is called Ready To Build. I have designed every box and we make absolutely everything in-house. It would be great if you would check out the website and give us any feedback or ask questions. Thanks!

Picture of Jewelry Box Kits
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Those are beautiful. And the idea is fabulous, I would love to own one of these :)
aunt alice (author)  ChronicCrafter4 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. I'd love to talk to you about our kits and find out about what you do. You can email me:
emailed! :)
dabbott46 years ago
Beautiful woods and fit. It,s all been well designed and laser cut. Very sweet kit and finished product that will make you proud to own or give for Xmas.
aunt alice (author)  dabbott46 years ago
I know you, dabbott! Thanks for the kind words.